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Which Of The Following Is Not One Of The Major Trade Agreements Affecting Global Marketing

The agenda is certainly ambitious. A development-oriented trade policy would involve substantially and predictably improving access to export markets from developing countries and the liberalization of developing countries themselves. Priorities should be the elimination of tariff peaks and the escalation of tariffs, which are particularly damaging in their effects on poor countries. In the agriculture sector, determined efforts are needed to end production and price-based aid, including export subsidies, and to remove border restrictions. Rules on non-tariff barriers, particularly trade remedies, must be strict enough not to be used as alternatives to protection. In order to make progress in these areas, it is necessary in industrialized countries to raise awareness of the impact and cost of existing policies and to strengthen aid to those affected by liberalisation. Trade liberalization is not an act of charity, but this insight is often lost. In recent years, the WTO has also made it a priority to help developing countries, which are covered by the WTO regulation. Many developing and emerging countries lack the technical experience and know-how to manage large and comprehensive trade agreements. The WTO provides them with critical training and support, ensuring that the WTO is comprehensive and fair to both the richest countries and the world`s poorest countries.

3 Among the main industrial products, tariff escalation is most common in textiles and clothing, leather and leather goods, rubber products, wood, pulp, paper, furniture and metals. In the post-World War II environment, countries understood that an important part of world peace was global cooperation – political, economic and social. The aim was to improve the conditions of competition and reduce the economic areas of differences of opinion, since inequalities in these areas could lead to more serious conflicts. Nations have agreed to cooperate in the promotion of free trade and have concluded bilateral and multilateral agreements with the help of important international organizations such as global trade organizations.

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