A stranger gave a boy with autism a $15,000 piano

An 11-year-old Jude Kofie received an incredible surprise late last year after a piano suddenly showed up at his house one day.

The boy, who never knew how to play a piano suddenly started playing a keyboard while sitting in his basement.

His father was left surprised when he saw his autistic son playing the piano without ever having a lesson.

No one taught him how to play, but Isaiah, his father, then got Jude a larger keyboard to see what more he could do.

Talking about his musical talent, Jude told CBS: “It’s a miracle.”

“You think it’s a miracle?” CBS News asked Jude.

He responded: “That’s what I prefer.”

Bill Magnusson, a piano tuner saw a local news story about Jude and heard him play.

CBS reported that Mr. Magnusson got to know about Jude’s parents and that they immigrated from Ghana.

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Mr Magnussons said: “We’re family now.”

The Kofie family couldn’t stop thanking the piano tuner.

Mr Isaiah said: “Somebody to just love your son like that by making sure that his future is secured, we are super thankful.”

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