Alligator pack found by Detroit police who evicted tenant

Alligators were discovered in the home of a tenant being evicted, police have said. Officers were called into the east side of Detroit to assist bailiffs from the 36th District Court in dealing with a furious tenant being evicted from their home located on Yorkshire Boulevard.

Upon arriving at the tenant’s home, they fled and jumped into an unknown vehicle.

Afterwards, bailiffs accessed the home of the evicted tenant and discovered a large alligator and multiple small alligators inside.

According to officials, animal control was contacted and Detroit police returned to the home and assisted the Bailiffs with the situation.

It is unknown where the evicted tenants are located.

Jovan Stacks, a federally licensed exhibitor, told WJBK: “An alligator that’s not fed a proper diet, the entire snout and the mouth will be deformed.

“It looks like whoever had this alligator, they were taking care of it.”

Mr Stacks then added: “If you did not have proper filtration – which means the water was not clean enough, the alligator would have sores over its body, so whoever had this alligator was definitely taking care of it.”

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According to Michigan law and the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, it is legal to own alligators in the state, pending further rules set by local municipalities.

However, in Detroit, it is not legal to own alligators within city limits.

The alligators, which officials said were healthy and in good condition, will now be taken in by Detroit Animal Care and Control, which can then authorize the sale of the animals, transfer ownership of them or euthanize them.

Officials with Detroit Animal Care and Control said they would likely be handed over to a licensed animal keeper for proper care.

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