Andrew Bridgen suspended from Parliament after breaching MPs’ rules

Andrew Bridgen has failed in his attempt to overturn a 5-day suspension from Parliament and could be in danger of losing almost a month’s pay as an MP if it is enacted today. The Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire received two days suspension for failing to declare that he received a paid trip to Ghana in eight emails to ministers and another three days for writing to the Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone asking if she had been lobbying to receive a peerage .

The outspoken MP, who recently hit the headlines for making a speech in Parliament calling for the suspension of the mRNA covid vaccine amid concerns it could lead to inflammation of arteries to the heart, will now be suspended for five days.

The appeal was the first of its kind by an MP under a new procedure brought in after the Owen Paterson case where he challenged the result of an inquiry into paid advocacy but was unable to refer it after being recommended for suspension.

Mr Bridgen has declined to comment.

More to follow…

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