Ardern ‘became aware’ she was in Sussexes’ programme through trailer

Jacinda Ardern said she only “became aware” clips from an interview she did with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2019 would be included in the new Netflix documentary by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Live to Lead, the day its trailer was released.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, quizzed about her involvement with Meghan and Harry’s new documentary, said: “They were producing resources for future leaders with the focus on young leaders.

“I’ve not been involved in the decision-making around what happens next and I have not had direct contact with the Sussexes.”

Nevertheless, she said she “stood by” her interview and the Foundation’s right to use it as they saw fit.

Her office, the politician said, was made aware the documentary would be released in May, but she had “not stayed close” to those communications.

She continued: “So I became aware of what was happening with it yesterday.”

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