Australia beach horror as hot air balloon crash lands on Melbourne’…

Australian beachgoers were left stunned and horrified as a hit air balloon made an emergency landing on a Melbourne beach on Wednesday morning. Early morning walkers looked on in horror as the balloon sailed past buildings, across a main road before slamming into a road sign.

A video then showed the balloon making a smooth landing on St Kilda beach.

The balloon had drifted off its original course which meant it missed its landing.

According to Sky News Australia, no one was injured in the incident.

One onlooker shared the video on Instagram, describing the incident as a “close call in St Kilda” while others praised the pilot’s “great effort” in managing to land the balloon.

It follows another hot air balloon being forced to make an emergency landing in Melbourne’s Ascot Vale park last Friday.

In April, there was an even more serious crash involving a hot air balloon in a Melbourne street.

Emergency services were called to the Ellwood area of ​​the city to find a balloon covering two rooftops.

The basket of the balloon was in the garden and car park of one of the properties.

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He admitted that the incident was “a bit embarrassing” but there had been a malfunction that he could not explain.

He said: “The valve that releases hot air from the top, which we use to maneuver the balloon, didn’t seal properly.

“So I was losing a lot of heat and it was difficult to keep the balloon up in the air so that’s why I was flying low and I was aiming for the beach but we didn’t make it for about 200 meters.”

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