BBC slammed for ‘anti-Brexit bias’ after allowing Bray into debate

The BBC has been criticized by Tory MPs after a Radio 4 debate broke down as a result of an intervention from infamous anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray. Mr Bray had to be removed from a BBC debate on Brexit after shouting “Tories Out”. He heckled Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, before being escorted from the event.

MPs have questioned why Mr Bray was allowed into the venue, given he is a well-known protester.

Tory MP Jonathon Gullis said the decision to allow him in is “staggering”, saying it is a “classic example of BBC anti-Brexit bias”.

Meanwhile, fellow Conservative Scott Benton said the BBC is “incredibly reckless and/or incompetent in maintaining its commitment to impartiality”.

Mr Gullis, MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, told “It’s staggering that the BBC would let in a well-known Remoaner who is a menace to MPs and the public alike.

“It’s astonishing that they didn’t spot him. The supposedly impartial BBC has shown its true colors in letting such a high-profile anti-Brexit figure attend the debate.

“It’s a classic example of BBC anti-Brexit bias.”

Mr Benton echoed this, explaining it is “hard to believe that the producers of a BBC debate show wouldn’t know who he was”.

He added: “I’d like to say that I was shocked that he had been let in, but frankly nothing with the BBC surprises me anymore.

“Stunts like this are exactly what Mr Bray is known for and anyone who had been working in the media or politics for more than a week would have been able to predict what would happen.

“The BBC is either incredibly reckless and/or incompetent in maintaining its commitment to impartiality or as people have suspected for a long time, acts like this are deliberate.”

Meanwhile, Tory MP Lee Anderson hit out at Steve Bray, describing him as “public nuisance number one”.

After being interrupted by the protester, Mr Rees-Mogg himself pointed out Mr Bray’s high-profile presence among MPs.

He said: “Steve, it’s very nice of you to come and join us.

“For those of you listening at home, Steve Bray stands outside the House of Commons every day shouting.

“I’ve said to him many times, he should stand for election if he wants to get his arguments across.

“He’s trying to disrupt us this evening. He is now being taken out so that we can carry on the discussion.”

The Radio 4 debate, hosted by Mishal Hussain, saw former Conservative cabinet minister Mr Rees-Mogg debate the issue of Brexit with former Labor spin doctor Alastair Campbell and CBI chief Tony Danker.

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