BBC sorry for poor effort to protect JK Rowling from ‘baseless’ smears

Benjamin Jones, a spokesperson for the Free Speech Union told Henley’s comments on the BBC were part of a long-term “campaign” to “smear” and “bully” people who do not agree with what he calls the “trans ideologues”.

Talking about the recent incident, Mr Jones said: “It’s a completely baseless accusation and it’s part of a long-running pattern we see at the Free Speech Union where people are smeared or bullied if they don’t agree with trans ideology.

“JK Rowling has shown tremendous moral courage in speaking out about these issues.

“But for people who don’t have wealth the consequences can be devastating: you can lose your job and find you can’t pay the mortgage, just because you don’t agree with the beliefs of trans rights activists.”

Radio 4 has a recent history of being lambasted for the way it discusses Ms Rowling.

A presenter was accused of “bracketing” Ms Rowling in with sex offenders US singer R Kelly and sculptor Eric Gill.

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