Bone-chilling freeze hits UK with first snowfall now hammering down

The Met Office has issued several snow warnings in for the coming days – with the earliest wintry shower now hammering an isolated part of Scotland. Much of the country is set for a cold snap this week, which, despite it not being prolonged, will see icy and snowy conditions remain until at least Friday. The first snow showers were always due to hit Scotland first, before creeping south in the early hours of tomorrow.

Deputy chief meteorologist, Helen Caughey, said: “After a spell of wet and mild weather to start 2023, a brief cold spell will change the feel of our weather across the UK for a few days.

“As a northerly flow establishes, we’ll see temperatures decline with overnight frosts returning and the chance of wintry showers in the north. It will certainly feel cold in all regions too, with the northerly winds creating a notable windchill.”


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