British soldier ‘Rambo’ airlifted home after being shot in Ukraine

Afghanistan veteran Shareef Amin has been flown up to be “rebuilt” after suffering wounds to each of his limbs from Russian fire. The 40-year-old from Bristol served two tours in Afghanistan with the British Army before joining up with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Amin was wounded back in October after taking part in a reconnaissance mission deep behind Russian lines.

After three months of medical attention, he is now being flown to the UK to undergo reconstruction surgery at Bristol’s Southmead Hospital.

Surgeons are “going all out” to “rebuild” Amin’s shoulder and right leg.

Amin said: “They’re going to rebuild one of my thumbs out of one of my toes, remove an artery from a leg to replace one under my forearm.

He added: “‘I’ll go from Rambo to Robocop.’

Despite his injuries, the British soldier is determined to return to his unit on the frontline in Ukraine.

He said: “Despite what’s happened, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.”

Amin recounted in a video from his hospital bed that while on a deep reconnaissance mission two weeks ago his unit came under intense Russian fire.

He said: “I shouldn’t be alive. I was in a shallow trench with my friend, a Ukrainian who we called Professor, helmet to helmet, hand in hand, as the artillery rounds just kept coming.

“The next thing I know I hear this almighty thud. It felt like someone had dragged me underground. I just saw red.

“Professor’s body just went limp like a rag doll. He landed on top of me. At that point, I knew I’d been hit. I thought, ‘I’m dead here. This is where I die’. So I accepted it.

“Professor was gone, I couldn’t get him off me. I shouted up to Sham to see if he was still alive and said ‘I can’t get out’. This hero, Oleh Shumov, still under fire, jumped out of the trench, grabbed Professor by the helmet, and dragged him off my body.”

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Saved by his comrade, Amin was next confronted by the horrifying severity of his injuries.

Somehow though, despite his hand “hanging off”, he managed to pull himself out of the ditch he was trapped in.

He recalled: “I pushed myself up and felt this almighty f***ing agony through my lungs, through my arm. I’m a strong boy, I’ve been using the gym for the last ten years, and I looked down and my hand was hanging off.

“All I had was my left arm. I had my belt kit around me, my body armour, everything on me. I don’t know how I got the strength to pull myself out of that f***ing ditch but I did .”

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