British woman dies scuba diving off coast of Tenerife in sad tragedy

A British woman has died off the coast of Tenerife while scuba diving, according to local reports. The police have confirmed her nationality after an investigation was launched into the death of the 63-year-old. It is not clear whether she was on holiday at the time or lived in the area. The tragedy occurred at around 11am on Saturday off a beach in the municipality of Fasnia in eastern Tenerife.

A spokesman for a government-run regional emergency response center said: “We received an alert saying a female scuba diver had been brought out of the sea and needed medical assistance after a dive.

“Another scuba diver who identified himself as a doctor explained that she had suffered cardiac arrest and he had begun to perform CPR.

“Medical responders continued to try to revive her when they arrived but were unable to do so and she was pronounced dead at the scene.”

A court is now coordinating a routine probe into the incident with the help of the Civil Guard.

There were no immediate reports of any suspicious circumstances surrounding the woman’s death.

Last November a British diver died on nearby Lanzarote. The 60-year-old is said to have suffered a cardiac arrest on Playa Flamingo in the south of the island.

A lifeguard is understood to have tried to assist the unnamed Brit when he saw he was in difficulties but was unable to do anything to save his life.

Enrique Espinosa, manager of the Security and Emergency Consortium of Lanzarote, said at the time: “He had all the correct permits to be able to dive but diving is a high-risk sport and anything that goes wrong can be fatal.

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“He went into cardiac arrest after arriving and attempts to revive him proved unsuccessful.”

Police sources said the British man had “health issues.”

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