Buckingham Palace lauded as ‘most beautiful place in the world’

Buckingham Palace received a covering of beautiful snow over the weekend as temperatures plunged across the capital. Images of the palace grounds were posted on Monday showing royal fans some beautiful Narnia-type images.

Fans were ecstatic at the images, commenting on how beautiful they were.

One royal fan wrote: “The most beautiful place in the world.”

Another added: “Beautiful, it’s a white Christmas! Merry Christmas to us all!”

Meanwhile, a third commented: “Very beautiful pictures.”

According to a painting by Robert Havell, locals even set up tents and lit up campfires in front of the Palace which looked very different in those days.

During the freezing snowy winter of 1947, the palace staff had to work by candlelight due to blackouts caused by an insufficient fuel supply.

It snowed for an incredibly 55 days that winter and conditions were so cold that Londoners were able once again to skate on the lake in St James Park in front of the Palace.

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