Charles joked to Harry ‘who knows if I’m even your real father?’

Prince Charles used to joke, “who knows if I’m even your real father?” that Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex has claimed in his new memoir Spare. Harry said that his father, then the Prince of Wales, made the comments amid rumors that Gulf War veteran James Hewitt was his father.

According to the Duke, his father also chuckled about an escaped Broadmoor patient whom he had once met who claimed to be the Prince of Wales.

Charles would allegedly joke that the patient was so convinced of his identity as the heir to the throne that he posed “big questions”.

According to the Sun, he said: “Which could say which of us was insane.

“Who knows if I’m really the Prince of Wales?

“Who knows if I’m even your real father?”

The Duke claimed that his father would laugh at this joke despite the fact that it was “remarkably unfunny”.

It was also despite the fact that there were consistent, although unfounded, rumors that Mr Hewitt was the Duke’s father.

However, Harry is adamant that his mother’s affair with Hewitt began after he was born.

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Mr Hewitt met Diana when he was asked to give her riding lessons when he was still an Army officer.

The affair was revealed by The News of the World before being confirmed by Princess Diana during her bombshell 1995 interview with Martin Bashir.

In 2021, he was reportedly living in Devon with his elderly mother and working as a gardener, according to the Independent. has approached Buckingham Palace for comment.

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