Charles warned over four issues with latest rumoured Coronation plan

King Charles has been warned one of the plans reportedly being devised surrounding the attendance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Coronation is “rife with problems”. One of the working theories reportedly devised to include the Duke of Sussex at the historic event in May has been dubbed “Harry in a hurry”, as it would see the second son of the King being whisked in and out of the UK within 48 hours only to attend the Coronation. According to this rumored plan, Meghan would remain at home in California with Archie Harrison, who turns four on the day of the Coronation, and one-year-old Lilibet Diana. Commentator Daniela Elser believes there are four main issues with a similar working theory.

In an op-ed for the NZ Herald, she wrote: “Having Harry there but not Meghan would only add further fuel for the Duchess’ already roaring anti-Palace fire and seemingly give credence to her complaints of a cold, unwelcoming House of Windsor . Also, a quickie trip of this nature would only feel somewhat artificial and forced, given that the entire world is painfully au fait with the acrimonious state of trans-Atlantic relations.” Ms Elser added a short trip of this nature would likely mean Harry would not have the time to meet the Prince and Princess of Wales in person before the Coronation to try and thaw the ice between them before they are due to appear on camera at Westminster Abbey . Ms Elser added: “Lastly, there is the fact that there will be wider official events and royal outings beyond the religious ceremony raising the question of what, if any, part [Harry] might play.”


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