Cow missing for four months found on golf course

A Long Island cow has finally been corralled after four months on the run. The 750lb cattle escaped from a farm in Manorville back in August and functionally disappeared.

Vienna was found on the golf course near the farm she first went missing from on Saturday.

Strong Island Animal Rescue League posted a video on Facebook showing her safe corral and capture.

The animal non-profit worked alongside Skylands Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, and K-9 Search and Rescue to safely secure the cow.

In their post on social media, Strong Island Animal Rescue League said: “She waited for the perfect night. She waited for right before a nor’easter to hit Long Island, just to add that extra stress to her rescuers.

“She didn’t make it easy, but her rescue was totally worth it.”

Frankie Floridia of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League told Patch cameras have been set up around the Manorville golf course.

He said: “We watched those cameras every day. We waited in our cars.

“We sat out there for many nights with no heat in the car, not speaking. We just waited for her. And last night, it finally happened.”

The charity also credited Mike Stura from Skylands Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, saying “we don’t think there’s anyone on this earth who loves cows as much as him”.

“He had the right equipment, the knowledge on how they operate, and ultimately, the most perfect home that this traumatized cow could live out the rest of her life.”

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Barney, a bull on the loose in 2021, also escaped slaughter at a different Manorville.

The beast was seen running through a Mastic neighborhood, and was missing until he was found in September.

The young bull was found on a former duck farm in Moriches, and now resides at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, where the cow will also be brought once found, Mr Floridia said.

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