Crisis for Sunak as 62 percent of Tory voters back Liz Truss tax cuts

Rishi Sunak is facing a crisis among Tory voters, as more than 60 percent back Liz Truss’s plan for tax cuts. A poll conducted by Techne UK for the Daily Express asked voters whether the former Prime Minister is right about tax cuts being necessary for growth. Of those who voted for the Conservative party in 2019, 62 percent said they supported the tax cuts, with just 24 percent saying they did not.

Labor voters had a starkly different outlook, with 81 percent saying they do not support them.

Just six percent of 2019 Labor voters said they support them.

Meanwhile, those who voted to Leave the EU in 2016 were also in support of Ms Truss’ tax cuts with 51 percent backing them.

Just 23 percent of 2016 Leave voters do not support the tax plan.

Overall, the general public was divided on the tax cuts.

Some 39 percent of people said they don’t support Ms Truss’s tax cuts, disagreeing with her approach to generating growth.

Another 32 percent of people said Ms Truss is right, with a further 29 percent saying they don’t know.

Ms Truss has been a long-time advocate of a low-tax agenda to promote economic growth.

As Prime Minister, she introduced a swath of unfunded tax cuts, which spooked the markets and ultimately led to her resignation as Prime Minister.

When Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister, he introduced a number of tax rises, taking taxes to their highest level since WW2.

But speaking in an interview with Spectator TV earlier this week, Ms Truss launched a challenge to Mr Sunak’s tax rises, calling for the UK to pursue a growth agenda.

The former Prime Minister said the UK needs to “do things differently” as it has had “low economic growth for over a decade”. She warned the UK is “falling behind other countries”, adding: “There’s no doubt there’s a problem”.

Taking a swipe at Mr Sunak, the UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister warned that the solution is not “putting up taxes or restricting business”.

While she said she has “learnt a lot” from her time in office – saying she “understands what some of the pitfalls are” – Ms Truss called for the UK to pursue an agenda which involves Britain “growing faster and becoming more competitive”.

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Over the weekend, Ms Truss also penned a 4,000-word article in the Sunday Telegraph in which she claimed her plans were brought down by “the left-wing economic establishment”.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said his “heart sank” when he read the piece.

He added: “The former Prime Minister’s contest of who was the biggest failure is just about the last thing that this country needs right now.”

The poll, conducted by Techne UK on February 8 and 9, spoke to 1,621 UK adults.

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