Diana’s therapist claims ‘all families fight’ amidM Harry’s memoir

Princess Diana’s former therapist has claimed “all families fight” amid the release of Prince Harry’s Megxit memoir ‘Spare’. Julia Samuel, who was also one of the late Princess’ closest friends, shared her thoughts on her Instagram account.

The remarks come after the Duke of Sussex took aim at several members of the Royal Family in his new book, including step-mother Queen Camilla and brother Prince William.

Ms Samuel said: “We all have a story of love and loss and joy and pain and that within every family where we love most we hate most and make our deepest mistakes.

“And that there is no such thing as a perfect family, that all families operate on a spectrum of functional and dysfunctional depending on the internal and external pressures.”

She added: “Often when there is a death in a family at the heart of fracture and heartbreak in families is the person they love and then this fight for the limited resources of love as they experience them at the time, and that can cause huge fights.

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She heads up the Child Bereavement Charity and said she “felt angry” after Diana’s death.

However, while she revealed she has also been involved in family disputes, she said they “remained private, because none of us want those worst parts of ourselves to be exposed”.

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