‘Dog attack’ sees three women and man rushed to hospital

Three women and a man have been rushed to hospital after what they described as a brutal attack by a pair of bulldogs amid a busy beach.

Marie Hay and her two daughters were walking their huskies on the seafront in Redcar, Yorkshire, on February 5, when the vicious dogs assaulted them, they claimed.

Cleveland Police, who confirmed that the victims were hospitalized, are appealing for information about the alleged dog attack.

Marie said her dog, Naevia, required life-saving treatment, which may have racked them up a vet’s bill of up to £14,000.

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “Police were called to the beach near the caravan park at Redcar just after 3pm on Sunday, 5th February to a report of a dog attack by two bulldog type pets on a husky.

“Officers attended the scene and took initial details including a counter allegation from the bulldogs’ owner.

“It’s understood at least one dog received veterinary treatment and a man and three women attended hospital for treatment – primarily for hand injuries.”

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