Dog tore chunk out of woman’s arm in savage attack after car accident

Police are hunting for the owner of a dog which savaged a pensioner, breaking her arm and tearing off a large chunk of flesh in a horrific attack in west London. The 74-year-old woman and her friend were taken to hospital after the terrifying incident, with video footage circulated on social media afterwards showing members of the public kicking the dog to try and stop it.

Both had stopped next to White Hart Roundabout in Northolt just before 11pm last Thursday evening (January 26).

The elderly woman’s son explained what happened next in a post on Facebook.

He explained: “The lady concerned is my 74-year-old mother who is stable following the attack. The incident occurred following a ‘minor collision’ between her car and another member of the public’s car at the roundabout.

“While inspecting the superficial damage the dog appeared and began to attack my mother for what appeared to be five to six minutes, breaking her arm and removing a large chunk of her tendons and muscle.

“She was rushed to hospital and is stable following an operation, but has more scheduled.”

He continued: “We cannot thank enough the two occupants of the other vehicle involved in the collision who bravely and desperately sought to fight off the dog for many minutes.

“Thank you also to the London Ambulance Service and Metropolitan Police who both attended in significant numbers.”

The attack stopped when another member of the public stopped and let the dog in her car and took it to the nearby Shell petrol station in Yeading Lane, where it also bit her on the arm.

Police officers then arrived and got the dog under control.

Writing on social media, Alina Uka said: “A woman was attacked by a dog near a Shell petrol station.

“My husband was charging his car and heard a woman screaming as her arm was being severed. So tragic.

“Dog ran away after being hit on the head, not sure who was the owner.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called at 10.54pm on January 26 to White Hart Roundabout, Northolt. Two vehicles had been in a collision.

“As those involved were exchanging details one woman was approached and attacked by a dog, causing injury to her arm. The other people started trying to help her. The dog did not belong to them.”

The spokesman added: “Another member of the public, seeing the incident, stopped her car and opened the door. The dog got in and she took it to a petrol garage off Yeading Lane, where it bit her arm.

“Police arrived and took control of the dog. It was taken to a police station where efforts to locate the owner are ongoing.

“The two women’s injuries are not life-threatening.”

A London Ambulance Service (LAS) spokesperson confirmed they “treated one patient for significant injuries before taking them to hospital and the other patient, who had minor injuries, made their own way to hospital”.

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