Elle Edward’s father grieves ‘Christmas will never be same’

Elle Edward’s father recalled his daughter, who was shot dead at a pub last month, saying that “Christmas will never be the same” for him and his family, a news report claimed. In his first interview since her death, Tim Edwards spoke of how his “beautiful and caring” daughter “with a heart of gold” will never leave him – as he reminded people of the impact gun violence has had on his family.

Mr Edwards told Sky News: “She’s the type of person that would walk into the room and everyone would gravitate towards her because she was always smiling.

“She was beautiful looking and she was a great hugger. She was just a fantastic human being with a heart of gold.”

In an emotional interview ahead of her funeral next week, Mr Edwards spoke of the devastation the family felt on Christmas Eve when they found out she had been killed and the “struggle” of the last month.

He told the publication: “Time moves so quickly.”

“In our situation with the developments, Christmas Day didn’t mean anything, that had gone.

“It didn’t feel real and Christmas will never be the same.

“Christmas will never be a point of celebration for me, ever.”

Mr Edwards said Elle remained “the glue that keeps us all together” and that her death should not be in vain.

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“If you pick up a gun, your future is over and everybody else’s future around you is over. It’s dead simple. It’s absolutely pointless and it solves nothing.”

“I want to see a positive that comes out of this. Elle’s name will be used for good in the future. She can’t be forgotten.”

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