Expert brands Biden ‘best of an extremely bad and unelectable bunch’

Joe Biden has been branded the “best of an extremely bad and unelectable bunch” in the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 US Presidential Election. Speaking to Simon Dolan, political commentator and author of ‘Trump: The Hidden Halo’ claimed that it “seems laughable” to say that the US President was the best bet for the Democrats given his “flaws” and “whiff of corruption” that surrounds him and his family.

The former racing driver said that the fact that Biden was the most likely, if not the only viable candidate for the Democrats, showed just “how much trouble” they were leading up to 2024.

He argued: “Biden has already announced his intention to run, and it is unlikely that he will face serious Democratic challenges.

“He is simply the best of an extremely bad and unelectable bunch.

“It seems ridiculous to say that with all his obvious flaws and the whiff of corruption that constantly surrounds him and his family.

“This shows just how much trouble the Democrats are in ahead of and leading up to 2024.”

According to CBS News, Mr. Biden is likely to announce his bid for re-election shortly after he delivers his state of the union address on February 7.

Aides to Mr. Biden also told the broadcaster that his state of the union address will be seen as a de facto start to his re-election bid.

South Carolina representative James Clyburn, a Democratic Party kingmaker, endorsed Mr. Biden’s re-election campaign on Wednesday according to Fox News.

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Veteran liberal political operative David Brock told The Guardian that Biden’s re-election bid was boosted by the unexpectedly positive results the Democrats achieved in last years midterm elections.

He claimed: “Had the midterm turned out differently, we’d be in a different place where we’d be handicapping who was best to take on the Republicans, but I don’t think we’re in that moment now.

“I think we’re in a Biden moment.”

According to polling conducted earlier this week, 38 percent of voters approve of Mr. Biden, with 52 percent disapproving at this stage of his first term in the Oval Office.

Polls have also shown that Biden would comfortably beat Vice President Kamala Harris or veteran left-winger Bernie Sanders in any hypothetical primary race.

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