Farage blasts Sunak over plan to make students study maths until 18

Nigel Farage slammed Rishi Sunak for his plan to make students study mathematics until the age of 18 years. Mr Farage was speaking on GB News about the five pledges made by Mr Sunak on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said he is looking at plans to ensure all school pupils in England study maths in some form until the age of 18.

In his first speech of 2023, Mr Sunak said he wanted people to “feel confident” when it came to finances.

Mr Sunak also said the UK must “reimagine our approach to numeracy”.

He argued: “In a world where data is everywhere and statistics underpin every job, letting our children out into that world without those skills is letting our children down.”

Expressing discontent with Mr Sunak’s plan, Mr Farage said: “I’ve never heard such a load of old baloney in all my life.

“Believe me X and Y or algebra and trigonometry do not help you to become numerate.

“I have got a far better idea.

“If you want a numerate country, teach everybody, from the age of 16, how to play darts and do the mental arithmetic to get down from 501.

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The Prime Minister also pledged to halve inflation this year to ease the cost of living – but projections show that it is already due to fall by more than half anyway.

And he promised to grow the economy, ensure the national debt was falling and stop migrant boats crossing the Channel.

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