Fisherman who saved migrants details chilling ‘screams for help’

A British fisherman working in the early hours of Wednesday morning was woken up by migrants “screaming for help” as they clung to the side of his boat. At least four migrants died on Wednesday attempting to cross the English Channel after the boat all but sank, with 43 people successfully rescued. Skipper Raymond found himself in the middle of chaos after he was woken up by a member of his crew, who told him that there were migrants “hanging off the wire” of his boat. After his team kicked into rescue mode, they saved all 31 people holding onto their vessel.

Skipper Raymond said: “One guy was hanging off my wire. I thought at first it was just him, and once I got my fishing gear up – which took about three minutes – I stopped my boat and ran outside and along the port side there were five of them hanging off the side of my boat.”

After the first five were successfully pulled aboard, Raymond said many others stranded near the sinking dinghy swam towards him.

“It was like something out of a second world war movie, there were people in the water everywhere, screaming,” he said.

In footage shared with Sky News, the migrants can be seen frantically trying to scramble up the side of the boat, while dozens of others are huddled in the sinking middle of the dinghy.


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