Frozen lake footage leaves victim’s families ‘absolutely mortified’

The parents of those who lost their lives after falling through ice on a lake in Solihull have been left “mortified” after videos have been shared showing the four boys on social media. The clips were allegedly filmed from a block of flats and show the youngsters screaming for help. Videos are said to have surfaced online as three boys aged eight, 10, and 11 passed away following the incident. A fourth is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Rescuers had smashed through the ice in a desperate bid to save the youngsters, with three tragically passing away and one boy, six, still fighting for his life in hospital.

Although a police cordon remains in place in the area, horrifying video footage of the event has since emerged online.

Reports from the area around the Solihull ice tragedy are said to have snapped footage of the youngsters falling through the ice and screaming for help.

Certain members of the public in the flats opposite Babbs Mill Park are said to have recorded the incident, footage of which has reportedly left the families of the victims “absolutely mortified”.

One community source said the relatives had been left “very angry” by the footage.

They said: “They’re absolutely mortified. Very angry. It looks like footage has made it directly to the papers. It’s not gone down well at all.”

Detectives have issued a statement regarding the footage, asking members of the public not to share the footage and to instead share it with the police.

Their statement read: “We understand how distressing this is for the families and the wider community. We would ask people not to speculate or share any video footage at this stage.”

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Superintendent Richard Harris has said West Midlands Police representatives would remain at the scene for as long as was needed.

More to follow…

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