Gas pipeline explodes near Russian border as villagers flee

An armada of trucks and vans loaded with generators is being dispatched to help Ukrainians survive their bitterest winter.

They are facing temperatures as low as -10C with their electrical supply hammered daily by Moscow’s war machine.

One charity typical of those sending vital supplies is the Healing Hands Network in Warwickshire, which dispatched its third vanload on Monday.

Inside were eight generators costing £475 a piece and each able to generate enough energy to power a modestly equipped house. Also packed into the van were food, warm clothing and other necessities.

A key piece of equipment was Elon Musk’s Starlink mobile internet.

Sue Stretton, Healing Hands’ chief executive, said: “We were hoping we’d raise enough for 16 of these generators but these eight units will make a massive difference.

“They were donated by a gentleman who raised almost £4,000 just among his friends, relatives and neighbors in Pershore, Worcestershire.”

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