George, Charlotte & Louis are part of Harry’s plan to ‘fix monarchy’

A OnePoll survey commissioned by the Daily Express has found that the Duke of Sussex has effectively lost the support of all age groups in the UK with the exception of people in the 18-24 age bracket after attacking his family in his newly published memoir, Spare .

The results will add to mounting pressure on King Charles to take action against his outspoken son and daughter-in-law, even though sources close to him have suggested he will want to try to reconcile privately with Harry and Meghan in the run-up to the Coronation.

The OnePoll survey suggested 44 percent of the public do not want to see the Sussexes at the Coronation taking place on May 6, while only 31 percent thought the couple should attend and the rest were undecided.

A senior royal aide said no decision had been taken yet about invitations.

But Kristina Kyriacou, a former communications secretary to the monarch, still believes Harry and Meghan will be asked to attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

She told the Daily Express: “The King is not a vindictive man.”

Find the full poll results here

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