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Germany refuses Kyiv its tanks as EU chief warns of ‘massive assault’

NATO defense ministers must make “strong decisions” during Friday’s Ramstein meeting to discuss further military support of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky has said.

In his nightly address on Thursday, Mr Zelensky said his country awaited a “decision from one European capital that will activate the prepared chains of cooperation on tanks”.

The comment appears to be yet another call on Berlin to withdraw its block on the plans of European nations hoping to send to Ukraine some of their German-made Leopard 2 main battle tanks.

At the moment, twelve nations are in possession of the military vehicles and several, led by Poland, have already pledged to send some to Ukraine. Until Germany gives the go ahead, however, since they hold the license to the tanks, any move to send them into Ukraine would contravene international law.

Mr Zelensky said: “As we prepare for tomorrow’s Ramstein (regular coordination meeting of Ukraine’s Western allies at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany), we expect strong decisions. We expect a powerful military support package from the United States.”

He also said he was grateful to Estonia, Sweden and Denmark for another package of military assistance for his country.

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