Harry and Meghan have to be ‘careful’ in months ahead, warns Scobie

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need to be “careful” in the months ahead, ally Omid Scobie has said. The royal biographer urged the couple to “move on” to their work in the United States following the release of Harry’s memoir Spare.

Scobie noted that the Duke’s high-profile media interviews and new book won’t help him reconcile with the Royal Family as the Firm “wouldn’t trust him”.

“I don’t know if it is going to help with the reconciliation that he talks about because this is now a family that – we hear from royal sources in the papers today – feel they can’t trust him with any conversation moving forwards. I don’t know if he thought about that as an outcome of doing this book,” he said on ITV This Morning.

Scobie added: “People want to see Harry and Meghan in a happy place, it’s all very 2020 still but now people want to see them move on and see them in 2023.”

When Scobie was asked if the TV interviews and book would “help” Prince Harry, he replied: “They have got to be careful in the months ahead, they should move on to their work in the US.”

However, the royal biographer appeared to defend the Duke’s decision to release some correspondence many would consider private, for example, text messages between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton ahead of the Duchess’s wedding day.

Omid Scobie said that he could understand how people would see that as “crossing a line” but defended the Duke claiming he was correcting a false narrative.

He added: “You have to remember that those text messages are in there because Palace sources originally gave a different version of that story, to the world or to a journalist, that ended up in print. He’s now saying: ‘Here are the texts , this is what happened.'”

In Spare, Harry detailed texts between the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex ahead of the latter’s wedding day.

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The Duke alleges that he returned home to find Meghan sobbing on the floor.

Meghan spoke up about the incident during the 2021 Oprah interview in which she refuted a story which ran in the British press alleging she was the one who made Kate cry.

What followed was a media blitz by Prince Harry including several sit down interviews ahead of his memoir Spare, released today.

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