Harry and Meghan should steer clear of Coronation, UK public says

This poll shows that Harry and Meghan’s popularity is at an all-time low.

Despite a solid week of revelations from Harry’s book Spare, support for the King, William and Kate and the rest of the royal family remains high.

That was obvious on Thursday when Charles was out and about in Scotland and the Prince and Princess of Wales visited Merseyside.

The King got a warm welcome at the Aboyne Men’s Shed workshop, a 25-minute drive from Balmoral.

And as William and Kate opened the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, 81-year-old patient Sylvia Stanford gripped the Prince’s hand and told him affectionately: “Keep going, keep going, Scousers love you” to which he replied: “Yes, I will .”

It was confirmation, if needed, that the British public will rally round the monarchy and are sick and tired of the West Coast whingers.

The results show that if anything, the senior royals are MORE popular as a result of Harry’s onslaught.

Only the Queen consort has shown slightly more people thinking less of her than more, with most unchanged.

And all this has happened during a holiday period when they weren’t performing royal duties and have maintained a dignified silence in the face of the accusations.

As the New Year unfolds and they appear in public more often, I expect to see a surge of affection for them leading up to the Coronation.

A substantial percentage of people now think Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their royal titles and shouldn’t be at the ceremony in May.

They doubt William and Harry will ever make it up, and they think Harry was wrong to reveal he had killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan.

It’s tragic to see what has happened to the Sussexes as there were such high hopes for them when they got married.

People blame them for leaving the royal family and clearly a large percentage don’t believe their story that they were driven out by his relatives, the press and the British people.

They would probably have more time for them if they had just admitted they wanted a new life in California, gave up their titles and concentrated on what suits them.

Other polls have shown similar results and the Palace will be relieved that the policy of “never complain, never explain” seems to be paying off.

Harry and Meghan will still have a hardcore of fans, many of them younger or from ethnic minorities, but they are dwindling in number, and they are losing ground even in the United States.

His comments about his time in the army have upset many members of the military, and it will be fascinating to see what reception he gets at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf in September.

Harry was always a hero to vets for his work with the Games, but many have spoken out to criticize his comments.

He and Meghan have made a lot of money and say they are happier than ever.

I just hope for their sakes they think it was worth it.

  • Phil Dampier has been writing about the Royal family for 26 years

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