Harry chose ‘nastiest, dirtiest, cheapest’ method to vent frustration

Prince Harry has been savaged with one royal expert claiming he has taken the “nastiest, dirtiest, cheapest way” to speak about his relationship with the Royal Family. Royal expert Kinsey Schofield believes Harry could have worked through his grief over the death of his mother Princess Diana in a different way, but instead wrote his tell-all memoir Spare

“Harry could have gone and become a motivational speaker: ‘I wanna talk to you about how I lost my mother and how it’s changed my life’. He did not have to take the cheapest, the easiest route,” opined royal expert Kinsey Schofield .

In Spare, Harry details losing his mother who died in a 1997 Paris car crash and how that impacted him growing up.

The book also contains several damaging allegations against members of the Royal Family, particularly towards his brother Prince William and Camilla, Queen Consort.

The host of the To Di For Daily podcast added: “He was given a podcast. He’s got a relationship with Spotify, do a podcast about grief and how you overcome grief.”

Speaking to Jeremy Kyle on TalkTV, she added: “He chose the nastiest, dirtiest, cheapest way to monetise his relationship with his family.”

In Spare, Harry hit out at King Charles’s wife, Camilla, whom he married nearly eight years after Princess Diana’s death.

The Duke claims he and William begged their father not to marry Camilla.

He also claimed he feared she had “sacrificed me on her personal PR altar”.

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The accusations have sparked debate across the world and Spare became a best seller overnight.

The book sold more than 3.2 million copies worldwide during its first week on the shelves.

Now, royal enthusiasts are watching closely to see if Harry and Meghan will attend King Charles’s coronation later this year – on May 6.

The Sussexes have been invited, but it is unknown if they have received the invitation yet or if they will accept it.

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