Harry issued plea over Lili and Archie after airing royal dirty linen

Prince Harry has “gone for broke” in his memoir, a biography writing expert has stated, warning that the publicity of his book may undo any potential for a royal reconciliation.

CEO of ghostwriting company StoryTerrace, Rutger Bruining, told Express.co.uk: “It really seems like Harry has gone for broke in terms of what he’s decided to reveal, without taking into consideration how this might impact his family…or rather , he’s made a conscious decision not to hold back, regardless of how his brother and others might feel.

“Harry clearly feels aggrieved and is using this book as his forum to tell the world what he believes is his truth.”

Mr Bruining added it was “interesting” that “at the same time, [Prince Harry] has said he wishes to be reconciled with his brother and his father”.

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