Harry urged to ‘make first move’ and extend olive branch to Charles

Speaking to The Sunday Times, a courtier claimed the prince’s allegations relating to the Sandringham Summit held in January 2020 and to the late sovereign simply accepting the advice she was given by courtiers doesn’t correlate with everyone else’s experience of the Queen, saying the late the monarch was “sharp as a tack” until the day she died.

They said: “It’s outrageous. Harry never wanted to admit to himself that it was the Queen who said: ‘Well, you’re out’. He couldn’t fathom that he wasn’t the cheeky chappy who was going to sweet-talk grandma into getting what he wanted.”

Speaking to the paper’s royal editor, Roya Nikkhah, another courtier added: “The narrative has shifted from Prince Harry on the Queen. It was always ‘my commander-in-chief, the boss’. But when he was not getting the support from her he wanted, she is represented as a diminutive figure sitting in the corner.

“That is another manipulation of the narrative to suit the outcome as felt by Harry. Advisers made recommendations to Her Majesty, but there was only one person making the decisions.

“To look the truth squarely in the eye, to realize your relationship has been damaged and to know it was his commander-in-chief who decided he couldn’t have the half-in, half-out role he wanted, is probably too painful for him to accept.”

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