Hawaiian Airlines flight lands safely after ‘severe turbulence’

On Sunday morning, a US flight carrying 278 passengers and ten crew took off from Phoenix, Arizona, and was 30 minutes away from Honolulu, Hawaii when severe turbulence hit. Hawaiian Airlines Flight 35 landed safely, but some passengers had to be treated for injuries and others were taken to the hospital.

After the Hawaiian Airlines flight landed, the EMS and the American Medical Response said they responded to a “mass casualty emergency” at around 11am local time at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

The Hawaiian Airlines flight initially reported the turbulence around 10:35am Hawaii Standard Time, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration.

In an interview with Hawaii News, Passenger Kaylee Reyes said her mother had just returned to her seat when the turbulence began.

She was not able to fasten her safety belt before she “flew up and hit the ceiling”, according to Ms Reye.

Thirty-six passengers were treated at the airport by paramedics and other emergency personnel.

It was then reported that 20 passengers were then transported to local hospitals.

Officials originally listed 11 people in serious condition while nine were listed as in stable condition.

Honolulu EMS has reported that the youngest passenger being treated at the hospital is a 14-month-old child.

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On Twitter, Hawaiian Airlines said: “HA35 from PHX to HNL encountered severe turbulence & landed safely in HNL at 10:50 am today.

“Medical care was provided to several guests & crew members at the airport for minor injuries while some were swiftly transported to local hospitals for further care.

“We are supporting all affected passengers & employees and are continuing to monitor the situation.”

This incident is currently ongoing and more details may soon follow.

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