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Home Office civil servants told not to use word ‘homosexual’

After the advice came to light, the Home Office distanced itself from the talk, saying it did not represent “departmental or Government guidance”. Staff from the Homeland Security Group, which heads Britain’s counter terrorism response, went to a talk last week on “the right language” around LGBTQ+ issues.

The presentation consisted of 12 slides on gender issues which saw staff told about the discrepancies that may arise between appearance and someone’s identity and expression.

Guido Fawkes reported that staff were told: “Be aware a person’s sex, gender identity, and gender expression may not correspond.

“Genderqueer is a blanket term for those who don’t define their gender in binary terms…It is not a modern invention.

“Each identity is valid and deserves respect.”

At another point of the talk, the attendees were shown a slide on the terms homosexual and homosexuality.

According to the presentation, ‘homosexual’ is “generally considered a medical term now. People tend to use gay instead.

“Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms,” ​​it added while also cautioning attendees on the use of the word ‘transsexual’.

The civil servants were encouraged to join the LGBT Civil Service staff network, wear rainbow lanyards, and include their chosen personal pronouns on their email sign offs.

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The TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed the events which prompted the Home Office to defend the events.

It claimed that such seminars help civil servants “to be their best selves at work, reducing sick leave and improving performance”.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “The Home Office is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion within the department.

“This document was used as part of an internal event in the Home Office, and is not official departmental or governmental guidance.”

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