How Harry really feels about Kate laid bare by body language expert

Prince Harry’s body language during his interview with Tom Bradby suggested his true feelings about his sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales, a body language expert has claimed. Judi James argued that the prince’s features “softened” whenever Kate was mentioned, despite admitting that she did not always see eye to eye with his wife Meghan Markle.

Harry spoke to Bradby ahead of the UK release of his autobiography Spare, with the interview premiering on ITV during the coveted Sunday 9pm slot.

When asked to clarify reports that Kate and Meghan did not get on “almost from the get-go”, Harry confirmed there had been tension between the pair.

He claimed there had been a lot of “stereotyping” in the family about her being an American actress, some of which he admitted came from himself.

Speaking to the Mirror about Harry’s gestures, Ms James claimed: “There was an air of tragedy about Harry’s body language during this long and deeply revealing interview.

“He ended with verbal assurances that he was ‘the happiest I have been’, and that he had ‘made peace with a lot of what’s happened’.

“In true US style he claimed to be in a ‘good head space’ and that any discussions with his family now wouldn’t leave any ‘lingering’ thoughts.

“But the man we watched up to this point used conflicting body language signals that made many of his emotions still look rather raw.

“His gestures and his sound-bites and the way he swerved away from some more difficult topics or used non-specific claims suggested anger, resentment and righteousness.

“But there were also moments when he leaked out more spontaneous signals of love and even humor and fun.”

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She went on to illustrate his conflicting emotions about his family, adding: “There was a rather robotic recitation of ‘I love my father, I love my brother, I love my family’ but when he spoke of his father he appeared close to tears .

“His account of growing up with his brother regurgitated signals of fun and loyalty and when Kate’s name was mentioned, his features softened and his eyes wrinkled into an affectionate-looking eye-smile.

“Even the now infamous dog-bowl ‘fight’ showed conflicting emotional responses. The scene itself was read out over photos of the pair but when we saw Harry we saw an anxious and awkward-looking hand rub and an eye cut-off ritual where he looked up in what could have been an avoidance of eye contact.

“His shrugs suggested he was making light of it and his winding hand near his chest mimed a ‘level of frustration’.

“But then he went into detail of seeing William’s ‘red mist’ and his eyes widened as though he was acting out an actual fear response.”

In spite of his revelations, Harry said he hoped for a reconciliation with his father and brother and reaffirmed his deep love for them both.

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