Idaho murders: Victim’s dad shares gruesome details as police silent

The father of one of the University of Idaho students who was slain in her bed last month has revealed grim details about his daughter’s death while the police continue to remain tight-lipped.

Mr Goncalves branded the investigators “cowards” for not revealing many details about the case, arguing that there are “girls walking around the street right now” that deserve to know “they should be looking out for a sadistic male”.

Investigators have yet to reveal details about the suspect’s gender
When speaking to Fox News, he recounted a conversation where he asked Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt how many times the students were stabbed.

“She says, ‘Sir, I don’t think stabs is the right word, it was like tears, like this was a strong weapon, not like a stab,'” he said.

The grieving father went on: “She said these were big open gouges. She said it was quick. These weren’t something where you were going to be able to call 911. They weren’t going to slowly bleed out.”

Mr Goncalves also claimed that the wounds his daughter endured were different from those of her friends, who were also attacked in the house.

He said: “They may have individually died from the exact same thing, being stabbed, but there are more details. They’re not even close to matching.”

The Goncalves family also revealed that they would be taking matters into their own hands to obtain more information about the murder probe.

Captain Roger Lanier, of the Moscow Police Department, reiterated that the force does have information about the case but they are keeping some details from the public to protect the investigation.

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In a press release Monday, Captain Lanier said: “We do have a lot of information. We are specifically keeping that information safe.

“We are not releasing details because we do not want to compromise the investigation. We owe that to the families and we owe that to the victims.

“We want more than just an arrest. We want a conviction.”

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were stabbed to death in their beds on November 13, in the small university town of Moscow.

The University of Idaho students were killed in a King Road house near the college campus at around 3am, after returning home from a night out.

Cpt Lanier’s remarks came on the same day the investigation entered its fifth week with no named suspects or a motive announced by officers.

There have been two online fundraisers set up to raise funds – a GoFundMe by Goncalves’ former boss Jeremiah Shea and a GiveSendGo campaign created by Brooke Miller, a family friend.

The family plan to use the raised funds as reward money to go to anyone with crucial information and to possibly hire a private investigator, as Mr. Goncalves says he does not feel “confident” in the police investigation.

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