Inside Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘creepy’ abandoned mansion

A derelict mansion containing scores of Arnold Schwarzenegger memorabilia has been discovered in central Canada, footage has shown, after being abandoned roughly three decades ago. Astonishing photos showed the property in Ontario filled with old motorbikes and fitness magazines in an ode to the former bodybuilding champion turned Hollywood actor. Replete with rubbish, disused furniture and mould, the house was described by photographer Dave as a “death trap” as the investigator explored the property with a respirator.

Photographer Dave said: “In this exploration, we get a look at an abandoned biker death trap house that has been left untouched for over 30 years.

“This creepy abandoned house has been standing for over 30 years, with three abandoned motorcycles parked inside.

“This scary place is a death trap for anyone who ventures inside, and has been left to slowly deteriorate over the years.

“If you’re ever in the area be sure to avoid this creepy place at all costs.”

The photographer suggests that scavengers had raided the property since its owner left, leaving the place in disarray.

The beds had been made but were covered in junk and belongings of the person who once lived there.

Even the staircase was covered in items with some rooms so messy, the floor was entirely covered.

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