Joe Biden to release new details about downed UFOs – latest

The Chinese balloon which flew across the US and Canada had been tracked for more than a week from a base on Hainan Island in southern China, according to US intelligence. The balloon drifted towards Guam – home to US military installations – before turning northwards towards Alaska.

Several US intelligence officials have confirmed the balloon’s path and analysts are now exploring the possibility that Beijing did not send it over the continental US intentionally, according to reporting by The Washington Post.

John Kirby, National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, told reporters it was possible the objects were “benign”, possibly from a commercial organization or research venture.

In the past, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has sent spy balloons over Guam and Hawaii to examine some of the US’s Pacific military installations.

The most recent balloon was launched from Hainan Island off the coast of southern China, according to officials.


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