Kevin McCarthy to face vote on new rules in Congress

Kevin McCarthy is set to face his first challenge as Republican House speaker on Monday as the House votes on a new package of rules. This comes as a number of Republicans have indicated they may withhold their support unless more details of concessions made to hardcore right-wing members of the party during last week’s House negotiations.

After days of voting Mr McCarthy won the position due to winning over support from holdout members of the hard-right freedom caucus.

As the Republicans only have a slim majority in the House, the members were able to use their numbers to negotiate.

While the concessions have not been made public, some have speculated that Mr McCarthy may have promised to give the hard-right group greater power.

Moderate Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace told CBS on Sunday that although she supported the package, she had not yet decided whether to vote for it.

She said: “My question really is today: what backroom deals did they try to cut, and did they get those?

“We don’t know what they got, we haven’t seen it. We don’t have any idea what… gentleman’s handshakes were made.

“And it does give me a little bit of heartburn because that’s not what we ran on.”

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He said: “Republicans are much different than Democrats.

“We’re not just going to line up and jump off the cliff. All of us represent our districts and we’re gonna fight for that.”

He added that last week’s chaos in the House was “only the beginning” of more factions within the party.

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