Killer chicken that left owner bleeding out pictured for first time

The chicken whose owner died after it slashed him in the leg has been pictured, as his last words were revealed. Jasper Kraus, 67, suffered a heart attack after the Brahma chicken – which he had taken in after it previously attacked his granddaughter – plunged its spur into his leg.

His daughter Virginia Guinan, 33, said Mr. Kraus was found in “liters” of his own blood after the vicious attack.

A cancer survivor, the 67-year-old was living near Ballinasloe when he was killed on April 28 last year.

Trainee healthcare assistant Virginia, from south Roscommon, Ireland, said: “You wouldn’t think a chicken can be dangerous – but they can be. It was a malicious attack, absolutely brutal. There were liters of blood all over the floor when I arrived.”

Jasper’s tenant called paramedics and Virginia to the scene when they discovered him – but despite emergency responders performing CPR, he could not be saved.

Ms Guinan added the tenant had told her that her father was whispering “rooster” as he lay bleeding out.

She then noticed a trail of blood leading to the chicken house – and inside, the large Brahma chicken, with telltale signs of blood still on its claws. She already knew the chicken to be aggressive after it attacked her three-year-old daughter.

Ms Guinan told of how she wanted to get rid of the bird after the first attack. However, tragically, her father had “too big of a heart” and took it in himself.

She explained: “A year earlier, the same rooster jumped the wall and jumped on Josie’s back.

“After that I knew I had to get rid – we should have put him down there and then because we knew he was no good.

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Virginia warned prospective chicken owners: “People want to have fresh eggs and keep chickens in their gardens. It’s such a big hobby now – but it’s not only larger animals like cattle and horses that can be dangerous.

“We don’t know why it happened – that breed was supposed to be soft and cuddly.

“People should be aware of the signs and get rid of any bird as soon as they show signs of aggression.”

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