Lancs Police will be questioned over Nicola Bulley alcohol revelation

It comes as Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been left “concerned” with Lancashire Police for revealing the information that has caused her family “turmoil”.

According to reports, Mrs Braverman has been receiving regular updates on the case, but was left concerned with this latest development.

A source close to Mrs Braverman told The Telegraph: “The Home Secretary was concerned by the disclosure of Nicola Bulley’s personal information by Lancashire Police and asked the force for an explanation, which was received yesterday evening.”

Police initially said her health was “not relevant” to the investigation and it was not a factor “at all”. However, it said on Wednesday that she was “high risk” and vulnerable, before revealing her health problems.

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In a statement, Nicola’s family said: “Due to the perimenopause, Nikki suffered with significant side effects such as brain fog, restless sleep and was taking HRT to help.

“But this was giving her intense headaches which caused Nikki to stop taking the HRT thinking that may have helped her, but only ended up causing this crisis.”

Dr Paula Briggs, the chairman of the British Menopause Society, said her group was concerned about the decision to release the details of Ms Bulley’s menopause and issues with HRT that may “worry” other menopausal women.

She said: “Every woman is different, and we don’t have all the details for Nicola Bulley. We don’t know her past medical history, and so it’s very difficult to say what went on with her without all the medical details. But whatever she was suffering… is unique to her and you can’t generalize from one case.”

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