Lukashenko mobilizes Belarusian troops in combat readiness test

Belarus has announced that some of its troops will move quickly to “designated areas” in a mobilization feared to be a prelude to an attack on Ukrainian forces from the north. While Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko seems wary of involving his soldiers in the war in Ukraine, Putin’s control over the leader has caused western concern that he might have to eventually retire. In the latest announcement by the Belarus defense ministry, troops will be instructed to use military equipment and set up bridge crossings in the east and west of the country in what is effectively a test of the forces’ combat readiness.

According to the Belarus defense ministry statement, the movement of troops was ordered by Lukashenko.

The soldiers will have to help set up bridge crossings over the Neman and Berezina rivers in western and eastern Belarus.

The statement added: “During this period it is planned to move military equipment and personnel, and to temporarily restrict the movement of citizens (transport) along certain public roads and sections of terrain.”

The order effectively amounts to a snap inspection of the combat readiness of its troops, sparking fears that this could be a call to join the “special military operation” in Ukraine while Russian forces appear to be struggling.


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