Man makes staggering transformation losing 40st

A man who weighed nearly 800lbs lost an insane amount of weight, now tipping the scales at 238lbs. Casey King, who starred on ‘My 3000lb Family’ just four years ago, is now unrecognizable after a massive weight loss journey.

Back when he appeared on the TLC reality show, the Georgia man weighed in at 51st.

Clips from the program saw him in the nude playing video games just as recently as 2019.

And, before that, Casey in 2014 tipped the scales at more than 56st, and was ashamed as he could no longer get out of his shower.

Now, at 38-years-old, the man shared how much his weight affected him mentally, and how he turned his life around.

“God, this is dark, but I tried to get out and it just hurt too much and then I tried over and over again”, he told the Sun when he recalled being unable to get out of the shower.

“Eventually I was so exhausted and started breathing heavily. I just couldn’t position myself in a way I could get out, so I just sat in the shower for 11 hours.”

Casey then added: “I couldn’t get up to use the bathroom, I couldn’t wipe my own behind or clean myself.

“Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to put on my shoes or even manage to get clothes on. There were so many things that I needed assistance to do.

“The only places I went to were family things with my dad. He would have to drive me everywhere… I lived life through Facebook because I had no life.

“At the time, I would share over 10 posts in one hour. I didn’t have friends. I was just this blob of a person that existed.

“It was like I was a piece of mold on the lawn or fungus and just there and never did anything with my life.”

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However, in 2011, Casey’s brother had a baby boy named Thomas, making the 700lb man an uncle.

“I remember thinking I have to be an uncle for this baby”, he told the Sun. “I am the only uncle in his life.

“I needed to be smart, personable, fun, and loving. But I wasn’t going to be able to do that being over 800lbs.”

For a few years his brother brought his nephew to visit him, and he treated his body “like a jungle”, jumping all over it.

Casey registered at the gym and began going four times a week, while reducing his calorie intake.

“I started getting pretty consistent,” he says. “I was only swimming and walking. I would walk around 300 laps in the pool.

“I would be there for two hours and eventually do some swimming.”


And, in 2018, Casey had weight loss surgery which took him from 45st to 17st.

He said: “I wanted to look better because I started getting so many compliments.

“It was so foreign for a girl to find me attractive, but I started getting messages on Instagram, more likes on Tinder and Bumble.

“People from high school kept telling me how great I looked and saying I was cute and attractive. People were hitting on me.

“I got a girl’s number at McDonald’s – she gave it to me, I didn’t have to ask for it. I was so amazed.

“People were now flirting with me in DMs, saying how great we’d look together, making passes at me… I can’t even put into words how it feels.”

Now, Casey said he wants to lose even more weight, and hopes to go under the knife to have the excess skin removed from his weight loss.

He has raised $17,000 on a GoFundMe page, but expects the first operation will cost $23,000 and the second a further $15,000.

“The goal is to have the surgery later this year,” he said. “As scary as it sounds, I will pick a doctor and get it done.”

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