Married police officer ‘had on-duty sex with male colleagues’

A police officer has been fired after allegedly having on-duty sex with six male colleagues. Maegen Hall, 26, also allegedly performed oral sex with two officers at the police station, sent dirty pictures and took her top off at a “Girls Gone Wild” hot tub party. Hall is also alleged to have bragged about the size of one partner’s genitals and said to have described herself as in an “open marriage”.

The scandal has led to her dismissal from the La Vergne police department in the US state of Tennessee.

Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sergeant Ty McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields were also fired.

Shields told officials Hall performed oral sex on him while they were on duty inside the police gym – before returning to their desks to continue their workday.

Two other officers who allegedly had trysts with Hall — Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay — kept their jobs but wound up suspended, according to the reports.

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The investigation was launched after Jason Cole, the mayor of La Vergne, filed a report.

According to a report on the explosive investigation, the Mayor called the police department’s HR and, citing an unnamed source, revealed details of what the officers were accused of.

Mayor Cole initially received a tip that Hall was sleeping with several fellow cops.

He told investigators that Hall had told him about Powell’s “big” penis, and claimed she had performed a sex act on him while the pair were on the clock, according to a December 28 internal report.

Magliocco also said he had seen Hall and Holladay kiss while watching football at a party, and said Hall had kissed his own wife, according to the document.

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The suspended officers are Patrol and K-9 Officer Larry Holladay, Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl.

In a statement, Mayor Cole said: “This situation is unacceptable and as soon as it was brought to our attention it was immediately investigated and action was taken upon the individuals involved.

“Our top priority moving forward will include rebuilding the public’s trust. I have full confidence in the police department’s leadership team and their ability to lead the department.

“We will be retraining all of our employees in the rules, regulations, and expectations set forth by city leadership.”

La Vergne Police Department Chief Burrell “Chip” Davis also said in a statement: “This is a difficult situation for our department and for the city, but I want to be clear that the actions of a few do not represent this department as a whole .

“This situation is being addressed internally with our staff, we are bringing in counselors to help our officers work through these circumstances, and we will continue to provide the most professional protection as possible for this community.

“We have sufficient staff to cover all of our patrol shifts and I have full confidence in our officer’s ability to protect and serve. We are working diligently to rebuild the trust of our citizens and our community.

“We understand this will take time and diligence from our command staff and officers to repair the honor and integrity of our department.”

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