Meghan and Harry ‘backed into corner’ by Netflix after money runs dry

Commentator Daniela Elser analyzed the content announced and released in the past two years by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The pair, she said, have so far portrayed their story and struggles, but they are now reportedly looking at the future beyond their family drama.

However, Ms Elser believes the pair have backed into a corner with their previous interviews and releases and created an image of themselves as royal “refugees rather” than global humanitarians.

She wrote in a column for the New Zealand Herald: “Take away their titles, take away their palace ties, take away their claims of royal racism and a callous indifference to their suffering, and is what is left that attractive a proposition to, say , Netflix?

“Bigger picture, the Sussexes would seem to be in something of a bind. Their entire public image and business output too have thus far been founded on their royal refugee status, understandable given it was their most valuable commodity when they arrived in the US and suddenly found the royal money teet had gone dry, including having to pay for their security.

“(It seemingly had not occurred to them that British taxpayers would not be chuffed about paying to protect two people who had no official status and lived 8500km away from London.) They needed money; Netflix had a voracious appetite for content – ​​it seemed to be a match made in producing heaven.

“Except more than two years on, it feels a bit like Harry and Meghan have backed themselves into a brand corner and today they are not defined in the public imagination by their humanitarian work but by their willingness to pillory the royal family, at times with a large check attached.”

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