Meghan and Harry told to ‘kiss America goodbye’ by US

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have given an unprecedented account of their experience at the forefront of the Royal Family in their explosive new docu-series. The couple have shared damning criticism of the British press and the “institutional gaslighting” behind Palace operations. However, Prince Harry and Meghan’s brutally candid assessment of royal life appears to have triggered a backlash both in the UK and abroad, with the US media now airing their grievances with the couple.

The New York Times promptly dished up its “second serving” of critics’ reviews shortly after the second half of the docu-series premiered on Thursday.

The typically liberal publication highlighted how the series had been perceived as a “gussied-up reality show,” packed full of “grudge-rehashing”.

The New York Times used quotes from critics published by the Guardian and the Independent, making sure to emphasize that even left-leaning British press had fierce criticisms of the latest Sussex media venture.

Overall, the online article suggested critics “remained largely unconvinced that the saga deserved so much screen time”.

American television personality Meghan McCain summed up in her comment piece for MailOnline: “Kiss America goodbye, Harry and Meghan, you’ve finally lost us.”

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