Meghan left ‘upset’ by Pippa Middleton’s snub before wedding – claim

Prince Harry and Meghan have been accused of wanting to be part of the “Hollywood super-rich elite” as they rake in millions from their lucrative media deals.

Nile Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign policy expert, believes Harry and Meghan are trying to build a “dynasty” in the US, generating as much wealth as possible and making full use of their royal titles.

He told “Their strategy is two-fold – for as long as possible, they want to maximize their royal titles and generate as much wealth as they possibly can while carrying those titles.

“They don’t just want to be wealthy, they want to be super wealthy and part of the Hollywood super-rich elite.

“The second part of their strategy is they want to build some type of dynasty in America and Meghan sees herself as some kind of future political leader.

“Building up a great deal of wealth, potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is important for that goal.

“Meghan and Harry see themselves as part of the US ruling elite and they want to be a key part of that.

“Building up a big fortune is a huge part of this, hence the Netflix documentary series, the Spotify podcasts and the book deal.”

As announced in July 2021, Harry is donating all his proceeds from Spare to charity.

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