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Meghan ‘making life harder for herself’ after Duchess caught ‘fibbing’

Meghan Markle’s “making life harder for herself” after the Duchess of Sussex was caught “telling fibs”, a commentator has claimed. The Australian’s media writer Sophie Elsworth appeared on Sky News Australia’s Royal Report on Sunday to discuss the royal’s resurfaced blog. The now-defunct page included quotes which suggest Meghan knew more about the Royal Family than she previously claimed.

When asked by host Caroline Di Russo if the Duchess was “making life harder for herself than it needs to be”, Ms Elsworth claimed: “I think if you’re going to tell fibs, Caroline, you need to have an awfully good memory and I think that she is not very good at getting her story straight.

“She has said in these posts on her website, her blog that used to exist, that she made out that she wasn’t really that familiar, she said now, with the Royal Family.

“Yet her posts are to the complete opposite of that.”

She added: “I think the problem with the internet, you’re right, is that it is there forever.

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“Meghan Markle is a narcissist, she loves the attention, she put all her thoughts down on the internet before she met Harry, she knew exactly who Harry was, she knew exactly who the Royal Family were and these allegations or claims that she didn’t t really know who they were or what they were about, I think, is complete falsehoods.”

Two years before the Duchess met Prince Harry, the former Suits star published a post which many claim has debunked her recent comments about not having much prior knowledge about the Firm.

An entry in 2014 revealed Meghan dreamed of being a “royal rebel” rather than “a Cinderella” and reflected on the “pomp and circumstance” and “endless conversations” surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

She also wrote that “little girls dream of being a princess”, before adding: “I, for one, was all about She-Ra, Princess of Power.

During their engagement interview in 2017, the Duchess also claimed: “I didn’t know a lot about him.

“Everything I learned about him I learned through him as opposed to having grown up around different stories or tabloids or whatever else.

“Anything I learned about him and his family was what he would share with me.” has approached the Duchess of Sussex’s representative for comment.

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