Meghan Markle defended as she’s slammed for being ‘manipulative’

Meghan Markle has been slammed for her “manipulative” behavior as she faces a legal challenge from her half-sister Samantha Markle over alleged defamatory claims made against her. A lawyer for Ms Markle claimed the Duchess of Sussex subjected her to “ridicule, contempt and disgrace” by portraying her as a “disgusting opportunist”.

Meghan previously sued the Mail on Sunday for publishing the contents of a letter written to her father Thomas Markle, despite previous extracts already being published in People magazine.

Her lawyer Michael Kump said of the defamation case brought by her sister: “Calling someone an opportunist is not defamatory. Opinions are not and cannot be defamatory…there’s no way to determine if it’s true or false”.

On GB News journalist and author Phil Dampier shared his take on the debacle with host Dan Wootton.

He said: “I couldn’t stop laughing this morning when I heard what the lawyer said [had said].

“He told the judge apparently in Florida that ‘not every perceived slight should be litigated’.

“I mean talk about pot and kettle, what have they done for the last two years?

“Every single time they’ve had a perceived slight they’ve gone running to their lawyers.

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“She has no compunction about destroying her loving father and her disabled sister.”

Peter Ticktin, the lawyer for Samantha Markle, said that the Duchess had caused her sister “great harm” by suggesting she changed her name back to Markle to “cash in” after Meghan started dating Prince Harry.

Mr Kump argued that this was not the case, and that Meghan had not defamed her sister by expressing her opinions.

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