Meghan ‘may end up having last laugh’ despite excoriating criticism

The Duchess of Sussex seemingly took a step back from the public eye in recent weeks, during which she and Prince Harry received at times blistering criticism for their allegations and attacks against the Royal Family. Most recently, they were lampooned by the authors of the satirical cartoon South Park, in which the “prince of Canada and his wife” – reminding heavily of the Duke and Duchess, asked for privacy while seeking public attention.

But royal commentator Camilla Tominey argued that Meghan may just be working behind the scenes to prepare for her next big and profitable project.

Analyzing recent reports, the commentator wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “So what is the next stage of the Duchess’s own journey?

“The appointment of a Hollywood venture capitalist who is famous for making millions of dollars for celebrities would appear to hold the clue.”

It was previously reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had tied links with investor and entrepreneur Adam Lilling, introduced to them by US TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

The Duchess was also linked to Gordon Getty, a San Francisco billionaire, Ms Tominey wrote.

She added: “So while she may have taken a step back from the spotlight, behind the scenes, Meghan appears to once again be on maneuvers.”

Finally, Ms Tominey noted the attention a new Instagram account is receiving as people are convinced it may be the Duchess.

The account has so far no content and, while its profile picture initially had a never-before-seen childhood photo of Meghan, it now represents a pink dahlia – a possible nod to Doria Ragland’s endearing nickname for the Duchess, “flower”.

What is leading people to think this marks the Duchess’ return to Instagram is the fact the account name is simply @Meghan, a first-name luxury normally only celebrities can afford.

Among other clues leading to think Meghan may be working behind the scenes on her next big project is the report Archewell Productions, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s video production arm, is going to focus on “feel good and light-hearted programs”.

She wrote: “Yet with yet more money-making schemes on the horizon, lesser-spotted Meghan may end up having the last laugh… all the way to the bank.”


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